Agatsu meets Muay Thai in Bali

by Shawn Mozen May 01, 2016

Agatsu meets Muay Thai in Bali

Last week at the Agatsu Masters of Movement Event in Bali participants were treated to four days of Muay Thai training at 

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One of the goals of the seven day Agatsu movement camp is to expose people to different movement systems and take them out of their comfort zones. Muay Thai definitely took many of the participants out of their usual training environment and challenged not only their fitness by pushing their limits in the Bali heat but also their focus and willpower in sparring sessions. 

Our sessions were lead by world class coaches Don Carlos-Clauss, Tiffany "Time Bomb" Van Soest, Anthony Leone and Gokhan Turkilmaz. Studying the art under such passionate fighters and coaches was an amazing experience. You can see and feel the passion each one of them has for Muay Thai and sharing the art. 

The follow video is a behind the scenes look at the training we experienced at Bali Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. 

Shawn Mozen
Shawn Mozen


The father of Canadian Kettlebell Training, Shawn is the owner of Agatsu Apparel and A lifelong martial artist & fitness expert he has been featured in magazines like My Mad Methods, Onnit, Kettlebells Italy and on TV shows like Celebrity Fit Club.

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