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by Shawn Mozen January 06, 2016

Growing up playing sports is more than a great way to get kids active its an important gift that can and does shape children's lives.  I started martial arts training at 7 years old and the lessons I learned from training helped me build a fitness company that has taken me around the world. If I hadn't had the opportunities to try and train in different sports my life would be very different today and unfortunately there are many children from financially challenged families that can not participate in sport because of financial boundaries. 

I want to help share the lessons of sport with kids whose families can't afford to pay for them to play. KidSport Canada is a Canadian based charitable organization that raises funds to help support families in need. To help support their nation wide efforts we are starting a new line of jiujitsu apparel called "Spirit of the Samurai." 40 percent of the profits from each sale of any item in the line will go towards donations to KidSport to help children across the country. 

Shawn Mozen
Shawn Mozen


The father of Canadian Kettlebell Training, Shawn is the owner of Agatsu Apparel and A lifelong martial artist & fitness expert he has been featured in magazines like My Mad Methods, Onnit, Kettlebells Italy and on TV shows like Celebrity Fit Club.

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