Build Better BJJ Hips with Hip Clocks

by Shawn Mozen February 18, 2016

Build Better BJJ Hips with Hip Clocks

Healthy hips are happy hips and Jiujitsu is all about hip movement. You hear it over and over again in every BJJ class, "Move your hips!" Hip mobility is essential to building a technical and efficient ground game. Hip health is also a key factor in staying healthy and on the mats. We know how frustrating it can be to get sidelined from a knee or other injury and many of these can be avoided through better movement which originated in yes you guess it, our hips! Unfortunately our hips take a beating from training and how sedentary our daily lives have become outside of Jiujitsu practice. The tighter and less mobile they become the more disfunction we experience in our movements and the slower our progress becomes in our technical practice. Keeping your hips happy and healthy should be a top priority for any jiujitsu student.

Happy hips are built on a healthy movement diet of mobility and flexibility training. Your movement diet is made up of the positions you most often find yourself in during your day. Think about your average day; you wake up then sit and eat breakfast, sit in the car on the way to work, sit at a desk all day and then roll for an hour or an hour and a half at night before you sit on your way back home to sit. Even if you are training two or three hours a day you are still spending more time sitting than moving and all that sitting is killing your hips. 

So whats the secret to improving your movement diet even when your training time is limited? Move! Move often and move well. If you are at work, get up at the end of each hour and move your body. Each minute of movement and mobility work adds up and does wonders to reverse the effects of sitting. Instead of sitting and watching tv at the end of the day try the following Agatsu Hip Clock routine and work on those tight hips. After a little warmup this routine will do wonders to improving your hip mobility. It is also the perfect addition to your BJJ class warmup or cool down. Wherever and whenever you do it, just do it. 


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Shawn Mozen
Shawn Mozen


The father of Canadian Kettlebell Training, Shawn is the owner of Agatsu Apparel and A lifelong martial artist & fitness expert he has been featured in magazines like My Mad Methods, Onnit, Kettlebells Italy and on TV shows like Celebrity Fit Club.

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