About us

Agatsu Apparel is a premium BJJ apparel company committed to creating top of the line grappling gear and to sharing the wisdom from the legends of the past with the champions of the future. 

We are love to roll and to create the kind of gear anyone would be proud to wear. Our products are more than just training gear they reflect our love and dedication to the art that we love. Each item reflects our passion for BJJ and the life lessons we have learned from it. 

"Agatsu" is a Japanese term meaning "beginners mind" and or "self mastery." More than a company name this is the embodiment of our philosophy. Agatsu is a symbol for the spirt of the samurai. A dedication to refinement and self mastery. When you wear the Agatsu logo you are showing your dedication to your training; to your practice and to the art. OSS


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