**READ THIS FIRST*** On average we receive around 20 emails every day from people just like you who want to be sponsored by Agatsu. If you want to be considered for sponsorship follow the instructions below. If you email us and don't hear back we unfortunately have decided not to sponsor you at this time. We would like to email everyone back but due to the high volume of emails this is regrettably not possible. 

Are you a BJJ Rockstar? 

We are looking for brand ambassadors who share our passion for grappling and Agatsu Apparel. We started out as struggling athletes with worn out and often borrowed gear and we want to help other aspiring athletes. Agatsu Apparel has two sponsorship level: Brand Ambassador and Competition Team Member.

As a brand ambassador you will receive a large discount on Agatsu Apparel products and if you make a great impression rapping our brand and competing in our gear you may be chosen for the Competition Team. 

As a member of our Competition Team you will receive free gear, a listing on Agatsu Apparel and promotion through our social media channels. 

Since our launch we have received weekly requests from athletes like you who want to be sponsored and although we would love to support each and everyone we can only invest our time and money in people who will truly represent and work hard for our brand. To ensure that you are right for Agatsu Apparel and ready to become an Agatsu sponsored athlete please fill out the following questions and email them to us. 


BJJ School:


Number of competitions you have entered this year:

Competition Results for this year:

Social Media Channels:

Why do you want to represent Agatsu Apparel?


Sizing Charts