Bali Training Retreats




Location: Floating Leaf Eco Resort (

Chose one or two life changing weeks, training in paradise. 

Retreat 1 (Arrive May 27-Depart June 3rd)

Theme: Earth & Air

This 6 day event features the following disciplines and coaches.

  • Miguel Sant'ana (Hand Stands) is a world renowned handbalancer and teacher. These workshops are suitable for raw beginners who can't hold a handstand and for more experienced practitioners who are looking to develop their hand balancing and one arm practice.
  • Sara-Clare Lajeunesse & Shawn Mozen (Circus Acro Yoga) will show you how to build a solid partner balancing practice using your entire body, balancing your partner with your hands, shoulders, feet, and more. This course is suitable for raw beginners and will take more experienced practitioners beyond basic balancing on the bases feet. 
  • Apnea Bali (Free Diving or Snorkelling) is the leading free diving school in the country and will be your guides through a special water theory level 1 course as well as an unforgettable Manta Ray dive.
  • Paluna Santamaria (Recovery) Is an advanced Yogi and weightlifter. These workshops will cover an essential and often overlooked aspect of training. A mix of Yin Yoga, Nutrition and Stress Management are the foundations of  her recovery practice. Suitable to all levels. 
  • Hidden Waterfall Trek- Day trip to one of Bali's hidden gems featuring temples and coffee plantation.
  • Sight Seeing at various famous locations such as Ubud Monkey Forest.


Retreat 2 (Arrive June 4th-Depart June 11th)

Theme: Fire & Water

This 6 day event features the following disciplines and coaches.

  • Henry Akins (Jiujitsu) is a world renowned Brazilian Jiujitsu teacher and was one of the first American Black Belts under the legendary Rickson Gracie. Everyone from beginners to more advanced students are welcome. All training will be No Gi.
  • Shawn Mozen & Sara-Clare Lajeunesse (Mobility & Breath Training for Martial Arts) these workshops will unlock your movement potential and bullet proof your body from many of the common injuries suffered by active people. Suitable for all levels.
  • Rodney Holt (Kali) is an expert Kali practitioner and instructor to the Bali Paramilitary Police (BriMob) in stick fighting. Cacoy Doce Pares system is a beautiful mixture of weapons and bare hand techniques. Suitable for raw beginners and more advanced these workshops will expose you to this beautiful Filipino Martial Art.
  • Surfing Bali's waves are on the buck list of surfers around the world. From beautiful beginner breaks to more advanced surfing in Bali is an unforgettable experience. Raw beginners will be guided through the basics and riding waves on their own in no time. Suitable for all levels.
  • Day Trips-Temples, Local Artisans, special boat trip to Lembongan for snorkelling.

*Choose to attend one or both weeks. 

*All workshops are scaled to the participants ability. Absolute beginners are welcome. 

*Each week is limited to 20 participants. 

*All accommodations double occupancy.

*Three meals daily, and airport transfers are included. Fly into Denpasar Indonesia (Bali) airport. 

**All Tickets are Non-Refundable- In the event that you are unable to use your ticket you may sell it to someone else.


Early Bird Special $2850 (a savings $150)

Reserve My Spot For One Retreat $1500 (regular price $3000 made in 2 payments of $1500)

Reserve My Spot For Both Events $1800 (savings of $300 done in 3 payments $1800)



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