Matt Monster- The Ultimate Guide To Partner Conditioning for Grappling

"Conditioning is the best submission hold"-Karl Gotch

Welcome to Mat Monster! Out of all my projects this one was definitely one of the most fun to work on. I’ve spent fourteen years in combat sports since I started wrestling in high school and one of the most consistent difficulties I’ve seen instructors have is how to mix conditioning exercises into warm-ups and classes in a way that’s fun and engaging, but also effective. It takes a special kind of mind to go through class after class warming up with the same running, push-ups, squats, sit-ups and shrimping without getting bored and just half- assing it until you get to the fun part where you start choking people.

One of the consistently biggest hits with students is partner exercises where you use each other for support and/or resistance. It’s a great way to develop the physical skills necessary for a variety of sports without the need for any specialized equipment, plus it puts a huge smile on your face.

In this book I’ve included over 70 partner exercises in seven categories that will challenge the whole body and develop strength, coordination, conditioning and mobility, providing plenty of variety. Even if you’ve done every one of them, mixing different combinations of them will produce completely different training effects. Hope you enjoy, and thank you very much for the support!

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